KLY Narrate CAP current buglist

These are the known issues with Narrate in CAP. I’ve generally grouped them into those scheduled for November 2017 (software version 13.20) correction or February 2018 (13.30), though a few of them aren’t tied to quarterly software update publication dates and may appear ahead of schedule.

To be corrected in the 13.20 software update, November 2017:

  • In some instances, panel run width information is corrupted when creating an elevation, so that the elevation is 18” wide rather than matching the 2D run object’s actual width. Workaround: Draw the 2D run object as a different type—powered rather than Nonpowered, for example—then Edit Structure Run to change the type, and you can then create an elevation of the correct width. 2020’s still trying to figure this one out, so if you run into it I’d appreciate it if you can send me the files. It’s happened three times so far that I know of.

  • MFS at 4 Height should be deselectable after initial generation by 5H Support Traxx. Currently, they incorrectly regenerate immediately after you deselect them.
  • TV Mount checkbox (in Elevation Properties) is incorrectly nonselectable for stacked frames. Workaround: After you select and deselect Power Pole for the 48×5 powered or single sided powered frame that you want to convert to a monitor frame, the TV Mount checkbox becomes selectable.
  • Tiles placed at stacked height above a TV Mount frame front face error incorrectly.
  • Power pole should not be selectable above TV Mount (Monitor) frame. The mounting frame blocks the cable passthru hole in the frame top member.
  • Selecting and deselecting Power Pole in Elevation Properties should not defeat the selection filters of other checkboxes.
  • A tile in an invalid position, displaying a red-X elevation error, should not generate Traxx above it.

To be corrected in the 13.30 software update, February 2018:

  • Tiered stacking frames (one stacking frame above another) aren’t yet supported in elevation automation. In the structure run creation window, we’ll change the Stacking Height selection to two selections, Tier 1 Stacking and Tier 2 Stacking.
  • MFS at intermediate heights behind 2H and 3H slat tiles should be automatically generated as required. For now, you need to manually select these in Elevation Properties.
  • A tile spanning from base height to stacking height incorrectly errors if the opposing tile doesn’t also span. The Xsite rule where you need Traxx on both faces at the top of the base frame or on neither face doesn’t apply to Narrate.

  • For a wire manager worksurface whose back edge is adjacent to an end panel, the required FBWSWM support bracket at the outside back corner of the worksurface is not currently generated.
  • At the back corner of a corner worksurface, only one edge bracket rather than two should be generated.
  • Worksurface edge brackets have incorrect position, rotation, and symbol basepoint. Some other revisions to worksurface bracket generation are also planned; we’re going to generate support rails rather than mid-supports, and we’ll make bracket generation optional at ends of panel runs.

Symbol issues:

  • Some elevation tile symbols don’t have rectangular borders. For others, the borders are white rather than blue. Missing borders are corrected in September catalog, incorrect color borders (layer AFUPN-E-TILE) should be corrected in October.

  • Hi-lo frameless glass pane 3D symbols are incorrect, with the faces shown as 18”w rather than true width. Standard frameless glass symbols are not affected.