12/2017 prerelease 2020 pricing data available

Updated pricing effective 12/18/2017 will appear in December CAP/Worksheet catalogs when they’re posted on 2020.net in mid-December.  If you need to use updated pricing before then, you can manually copy CAP’s December Kimball catalog data files to your machine.

(Edit: A corrected version of the CAT files, dated 12/4/2017, is now posted.  The original 12/1 version had incorrect pricing, and also failed to display selected fabrics/finishes in Visual Impression.)

To overwrite your currently installed Worksheet/CAP Kimball catalog pricing data with December 2017 pricing, allowing you to update existing specifications with new pricing, download the zipfile from the link below and copy its contents to folder C:\ProgramData\CAP\Content\KIM.

  • Close any open CAP or Worksheet windows.
  • Save zipfile 1217 CAT files.zip to your Downloads folder, or to your desktop or some other folder if you prefer.
  • Right-click on zipfile 1217 CAT files.zip and select Extract All, creating uncompressed folder 1217 CAT Files.
  • Copy the CAT files dated 12/1/2017 from folder Downloads\1217 CAT Files to folder C:\ProgramData\CAP\Content\KIM, overwriting the 10/26/2017 CAT files.

  • After the files have been successfully copied, delete the 1217 CAT files folder and zipfile from Downloads.

To update an existing Worksheet specification, go to Worksheet/Update Against Catalog, and update using price zone setting Default From Item. Turn on the PZ and PZ Description columns to verify that PZ Description now says Effective 12/18/2017 for Zone 1 line items.