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12/15 Kimball Office CET Designer Update

This week I will take on the questions from our 1PM web conference but first, we are way past 100 requests for our extension but who was 100? Big reveal is Joan Mentzel at Business Environments in Evansville, IN. A BIG shout out to our Select dealer for taking this next important step.

The next series of questions are posted from our first CET Designer topic session on converting legacy content with ProjectSymbols by ProjectMatrix on 12/ 7 at 1PM. Do you have a question that needs an answer? Simply post here or send to koetools@kimball.com

  • The imported CAD drawing symbol must be in 3D to view in CET 3D view? No. When you convert the drawing, the 3D will be generated. You may choose not to convert the drawing but simply import for a visual reference.
  • Would you agree that you should only really import .dwg? You have the ability to not only import DWG but you can also import Revit. With the ProjectSymbols extension, you can convert legacy DWG drawings. It is up to the individual user to redraw or accept converted content. I will address advantages/ disadvantages next week.
  • Can we just delete the panels in the existing clusters and leave components alone? You can. The only reason you may want  to replace is in support of the drawing down the road, content intelligence or to apply finishes.
  • To confirm…the conversion doesn’t convert to the automated symbols, only ProjectSymbols stuff? Correct.
  • Is the price reflecting the imported drawing as well as what you just drew? Yes. The CET Designer user will always want to review the specification for accuracy. Computers are built by humans. Humans make an occasional Oops!
  • Can you change the automatically placed support to match the old drawing? Yes. It will be highlighted another color, red I believe.
  • You keep stating that projectSymbols doesn’t apply finishes.  Am I hearing this correctly? Yes. The Tuesday 12/13 meeting was rescheduled for 12/16.  I will follow up next week with this
  • Will the additional support leg options be added?  It seems there are a bunch missing. Currently only Xsite legs are programmed to support the product series. It is intended to program all supports. If the support you are needing in not available, it can be selected from Catalog Browser.
  • No hope for Xsite gen 1? Does anyone have a past Xsite gen 1 catalog? We not not have at Kimball Office. If you have the catalog, we can publish it, potentially. I will send a prize and provide a shout out to you. Maybe give us a selfie? Our ability to support will depend on the structure of the data. Automation will not be available to support. I have a full floor reconfig that mixes both. You will definitely want to minimize blending the two products. Keep them separated as much as possible. Know that tiles, topcaps and Traxx can be used on both.
  • How do you build a station of Cetra panels – there do not seem to be snap nodes for placing individual parts? Snap nodes do exist. Remember to work in group mode. We do not offer automation at this point. Automation is the automatic placement of product parts like brackets, connectors, etc. Have you attended Getting Started with CET Deisnger, there may be 
  • What is Xsite Gen1? I miss Xsite gen 1. This product was introduced in 2003. Around 2007 we made some product changes based feedback from dealers and customers. Generation 1 product included spanners, C’s and I’s. If you run across this product for reconfiguration, let your PAS know and we will do our best to assist in planning. Did I mention that I love that product?
  • Does ProjectSymbols have the old stuff? If you are looking for gen 1 Xsite, no. 


There are two version of ProjectSymbols for CET. If you currently have a copy of any Project Matrix software you are an existing subscriber.



  1. The December 2016 Catalog publication is currently delayed. When the delay is lifted, an update will be posted in our Briefcase.
  2. CET Designer training has been added to the calendar. Select from face-to-face or virtual training. Kimball Office showroom dates are still pending.
  3. Our extension has an update (2.15.1). CET will prompt you for the update. It will only take a few minutes. You will see a few new enhancements that include :
    1. Footprint additions including storage & worksurfaces
    2. Xsite corrections and updates
    3. Seating updates

12/8 CET Update

Yesterday we kicked off the first in a series of web conferences on the evolution of CET Designer with the Kimball Office extension. In case you missed them, we are doing two monthly sessions. First, an overview of what has been changed or been corrected within the extension followed by an overview of program implementation. Those who are aware of training, software costs, etc. it is not necessary to attend the second portion of the session. The second web conference is on a new CET Designer topic with Kimball Office product. This month we discussed ProjectSymbols for CET Designer by ProjectMatrix. If you would like to join in the conversation, register on kimballoffice.com for the Kimball Office Extension on CET Designer session. A few questions came out of the conversation and follow up will occur next week. Here is the general Q&A from the first web conference. This is a long one.



  • Please show how to place one of the symbols from the NON-automated catalogs. In this instance you would use Catalog Browser in CET Designer or ProjectSymbols by ProejctMatrix. Drag and Drop or Place depending on which metod is used.
  • I can’t register for the 3/1 creating a briefcase with KO & the 4/5 creating specials with KO sessions.  How can we register for these? All sessions have been reviewed and opened up. Demand keeps exceeding capacity. This is a great thing.
  • Can you search by model number – like we can in CAP?  We use this feature frequently. Yes. Go to Catalog Browser and type in your model number. The search will reveal the item below.


  • If you search and it’s an automated symbol that will come up vs the non automated symbols? Yes. We have duplicated automated catalogs (intelligent symbols) in Catalog Browser. If it is determined that this is no needed, it can be removed at anytime. Remember, you have the ability to drag and drop content in ProjectSymbols as well.
  • Xsite. Correct me if I’m wrong, but first frame always comes in horizontal, right? Yes.
  • Is there a way to tell in the 2D view which frames are powered, and which are non powered? Select the electrical tab and the characteristics of the frame will appear.


  • How do you know what the elevation names are for each run of panels?  You have the choice in CET to Auto name runs as well as select a name for each run. Totally up to the user.
  • Where is Chicago power? This is pending. At present, draw non powered frames and add hardwire boxes from Catalog Browser.
  • For Chicago I need to drop in the hardwire boxes, and the the cover plates and power plates for each station. Yes.
  • Can you show technology tile power? With the electrical tab selected you can see the tech tile places the electrical components. Duplexes will need to be added.

Tech Tile.png

  • Will the finish summary include the actual fabric/material? I have added this in Vison, proejct management platform. When a timeline has been placed, will advise.
  • Does the finish summary call out the actual fabric you used?  Like it does currently in CAP? The code is currently called out. I have placed in Vision, project management tool, for the information to be added ASAP.
  • Elevations don’t show punched wireways?  This has been added to Vision, ASAP.
  • Will surfaces visually show wiremanager or grommet options? At present this option does not show. A request for this detail has been added.
  • How do you choose 1 9/16? Items that have not been automated yet can be pulled from Catalog Browser.
  • Can you insert a pedestal? Footprint pedestals will be automated this month however they can be inserted from Catalog Browser today. The tool will count them as support.
  • Training Q: I’m going to the generic training session in January @ Configura.  do you know when they will offer that class with a Kimball Office focus, if at all.  Similar to the Steelcase & Hayworth classes? Kimball Office will be offering 3 sessions face-to-face. Dates will be posted soon. Locations will be Los Angeles, Chicago and DC. The intent is to use Kimball Office product as the primary example. CET Designer will be incorporated into specification training next year. We want to give people the opportunity to start training and start exploring with the tool.
  • Can you tell me what you said about copying tile configurations and changing them and how it’s going to change in May.   It took me a minute to process and then I just heard it wrong. Today, each elevation is unique in CET. In May we will be able to make a change to “Run A” and it match all “Run A’s”. This capability will also be open to other manufacturers.
  • How can you see the circuit numbers after you’ve placed them? I have added this request to Vision, ASAP. At present only the duplex location is shown.
  • Can you please show how to do the up mount frameless glass w/ brackets and an inset channel option? See image below. We have two selections, the rail or brackets. simply place (drag) your selection on top of the frame. 


  • Tip from one of our Select dealers: ProjectMatrix/Spec…if you have more than 3 users the site license is the way to go.

The reference manual has been completed and under final review. It will be posted soon. Last comment on development this month. We will be working on a default finish of gray for all catalog items. Why gray? It is neutral. This finish will be undefined and visually prompt the designer to specify a finish for rendering. If a selection is made as the default finish, it could accidentally be ordered. Keep your questions coming. I have another list from the second web conference that is in progress for next week.


12/1 CET Update

The Kimball Office extension launched on Monday, November 21st. It is exciting for us to see the momentum steadily building each day. We would like to give a shout out to our first three license holders as they will be receiving a prize pack full of all kinds of goodies from CET and Kimball Office.

Jennifer Kilp with Corporate Design Interiors

Jake Westerheide with Innovative Office Solutions

Martha Wood with Brennan’s Office Interiors


Web Conferences

Yes, it is true the Kimball Office overview web conferences filled up fast. Space has been opened up. Grab your spot! Why are there two sessions a month?

Kimball Office Extension on CET Designer

  • The overview session gives you an update on what has changed each month. We will review extension revisions and address general questions. At the end of the session we will review why we extended our data to this tool, costs and training.
  • The second session is a topic we take on each month on how to use Kimball Office products in new and innovative ways. Would you like to add a topic? We will record the sessions for reference later.

CET Designer Training

CET will be conducting CET Designer core training. It is recommended that you attend the overview first to become acclimated to the general program. Next, we suggest to take on virtual beginner training. This week long program runs from 9AM-12PM Monday through Friday. Virtual training allows a balance in learning the program while maintaining current work demands. We are going to add three face-to-face training sessions next year at regional showrooms for those who prefer this learning style. This is a two-day session from 8AM-5PM. Look forward to locations being posted soon. There are also training opportunities available in Grand Rapids. You can also request training in person at your dealership.

Next Milestone…

Who is going to be the 100th registered Kimball Office extension user?

Known Bugs…

Next week I will start posting corrections that have been made by users.



Preparing for CET Designer with Kimball Office

In one week we will launching the first new specification tool in 13 years. This is a fundamental change in how specifications have been created in what was an AutoCAD dominated industry. The goal with CET Designer and the Kimball Office extension is to absorb product complexity and bring new ways of competing into the marketplace. Below is an outline to assist in transition.

Step 1

Set goals for what you want to achieve with this tool. You can customize on your specific needs. The next 30 days it is recommended that you acclimate yourself to the program and the Kimball Office extension. Plan the next steps in taking on reconfigurations, Revit, Rendering, VR, etc… Consider your goals for productively and performance over the next 30-60-90 days and beyond.

Step 2

Learn CET Designer.Review the Configura support section of the website. Support content is available as well as overview videos.

Step 3

Sign up for an overview web conference of CET Designer7.5. There is an opportunity for Q&A with the instructor.

Step 4

Register for basic virtual training. In 3-6 months evaluate the need to attend advanced training. Does Kimball Office need to host basic training in showroom locations face-to-face?

Step 5

Make sure you are registered for the CET Designer Briefcase and monthly sync up meetings on kimballoffice.com. We want to poll you on changes and make sure that the enhancements work for all users.

Reminder: Kimball Office Extension on CET Designer Web Conference

This is a reminder that today we kick off web conferences on the launch of the Kimball Office extension within CET Designer. If you have not had a chance to register, grab your spot. Below are some quick points regarding the launch. Q&A will be posted next week based on feedback from these conversations.

  • The Kimball Office extension on CET Designer will launch Monday, November 21st
  • A next steps email will be provided after registration of the Kimball Office extension to include training
  • Overview web conferences are available with Configura to assist you in getting started. There is no cost in attending.
  • Kimball Office will absorb the cost of the extension for the first year
  • CET Designer updates are available within the Kimball Office Briefcase. Join!


If you can find Shelly Lehner, Product Application Program Manager for Kimball Office in this image, a fun prize pack will be sent to your inbox. No, Kimball Office employees are eligible. This image was taken from the 2016 CET User Conference in Grand Rapids, MI.

*It appears that Shelly was an easy find. Thank you Jake Westerheide at Innovative Office Solutions for finding her. The answer is below.

CET User Conference 2016 2.png


CET Designer with Kimball Office Launch

Kimball Office is very excited to announce the launch of the Kimball Office Extension on CET Designer. In making the transition to this new and exciting specification tool there are probably a few questions that need to be answered. We are hosting a series of web conferences to provide an overview of the project as well as plenty of time for general Q&A. Topics during the call will include program development, demo, investment, training and support. Dates are posted for our dealer partners as well as future dates for a monthly program review. We encourage you to register as slots may fill up quickly.


Kimball Office Extension on CET Designer

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