Oh! Snap- Xsede, Priority and New York Specification Training

Xsede Undersurface Support Leg

Thank you Lori for the notification. You may be looking for model #45F0227USP. Use quick search in CAP for locating however it will be moving. Currently you will find this item under Structure/ T-Legs/ Undersurface Support. Stay tuned for the new location in an upcoming release.

Xsede Undersurface Support Leg

Xsede Tech Tray Surface Brackets

An additional note of Single or Dual-Sided Tech Tray Surface Brackets has been added to the description in CAP. This additional detail to the description should appear shortly.

Xsede Tech Tray Brackets

Priority Snap Point

When working with Kimball Office product having your snap point set on node is critical for the placement of content. Have you run into a node that was missing? Thank you Adam for noting model # 53KE2472CRFW6 is missing an important SNAP point to attach it to the bridge. Let us know if there is anything you find so it can be corrected.

Priority Credenza

New York Specification Training

Kimball Office Specification Training is coming to the New York  Showroom the week of March 9th. Your trainer for the session will be Elizabeth Ford. She is a creative, problem solving mastermind at Kimball Office product. You will notice below that we have restructured the sessions based on product application. All sessions include discussion on product details and production in CAP. We will provide laptops, light breakfast and lunch. If the session times or location pose a challenge to your dealers, let’s schedule a web conference to support specific products or general Q&A.

  • WebEx is the service used for registration. These are face-to-face sessions.
  • The participants must register online as spots are first come, first served.

Tuesday, March 10th at 9AM – Benching Open Plan Application and Planning

We will review, Hum, Priority and Xsede

Wednesday, March 11th at  9AM – Horizontal Systems Application and Planning

We will review, Traxx, Xsite and Footprint

Thursday, March 12th

9AM – Vertical Systems Application and Planning

We will review, Cetra and Interworks EQ

1PM – Xsede Specification Training

*The participant does not need to attend this session if they attended on Tuesday.

– Alibia de Vente

Xsede: The Infamous H-Leg & Xsite: New Adjustable Edge-Support Bracket

Today an anonymous source sent the following visual with an interesting question. Where does the H-Leg fall when two surfaces are joined?

Xsede H Leg


In this crossrail application, you will note the new December automation has support legs placed in plan view instead of elevation. This is where you want to be mindful of node placement. If the item is not correctly snapped in plan view, you will have to align and re-bind.

H-Leg Xsede 2


Do you need to see a video for support? Post on what subjects matter most and we can get them in production.

Xsite Adjustable Edge-Support Brackets

Xsite has a flexible option for supporting surfaces above standard height. This bracket, 36WBSA7 can be found on page 458 of the Kimball Office Systems price list. This bracket offers 7″ of adjustment at worksurface height. At the 2-High position you can go from 28″-35″ and it is available in standard finishes. This bracket is not part of the automated routine for Xsite brackets. The find/ replace command (or the block replace command) will do quite nicely.

Xsite Adjustable Edge Bracket

– Alibia de Vente

Priority, Piping, Tufts and an Xsede Reminder…

Priority Height Adjustable Tables

When specifying height-adjustable tables in Priority there is a bit of detail required in understanding how to select a mechanism and switch/control box. The specification must follow application.

  1. Select single or dual stage electrical adjust?
  2. Are you selecting for a main or return surface? Is it programmable or non-programmable?

NOTE: Control boxes are not interchangeable. 

Piping Option for Pillows

Are you looking for a pop of color? Perhaps an accent to seating needing to be refreshed? The introduction of pillows in the Kimball Office Seating product catalog is the exact place to look for a variety of shapes and sizes. Be aware that the option for contrasting piping will not display at this time. It is anticipated that it will be available within eTools (CAP & KITS) in March.

Boyd with Cushion

Revised Xsede Price List

As a reminder… the Xsede price list was revised on December 1st. The price list is available for download or you can order a fresh copy. Do not forget to review the new Xsede automation within this blog as a download.

Xsede 12-14 Price List

Boyd Tufts

Currently the tufts available in Boyd are not displaying within all specification tools like CAP and KITS. A post will update this issue when corrected.

Boyd Tufted Back Brochure Image

KITS Boyd KITS Image

– Alibia de Vente

* Note a correction was made to the Priority height-adjust table application. When you select the return, a jumper cord will ship.

Xsede Vertical Support Rail & Xsede Elevation Automation

Adam Blosser, resident talent at Kimball Office discovered an issue regarding the autogenetration of the Xsede vertical support rail has for 50″ structure.

Xsede Glitch

The simple answer to his question is yes. This correction will be made in the January update in CAP.

Xsede Elevation Routine Change

You may have noticed that in the month of December we have changed the automation routine for Xsede in CAP. Supports are now placed in plan view and appears in elevation. Please share your thoughts in application.

– Alibia de Vente

Updated Xsede Price list 12-1-14

As promised in the November 2014 communication web conferences last month, the new Xsede price list has been posted on kimballoffice.com. When reviewing the new price list, you will notice a separation between Accessory Rail and Crossrail Applications. In short, table and tile. Let that be the last reference on this short-lived comparison. You will notice in the November 2014 eTool (CAP) update that the catalog content has been revised to reflect the new price list format.  The CAP elevation automation change is still anticipated to follow in two weeks.

Xsede Acessory Crossrail

Specification training in New York and Chicago will reflect the changes to the price list. A revised recording for the Xsede Specification Training web conference will be posted soon. A recorded CAP eTool web conference on automation will also follow. What are the details you expect changes on?

– Name changes on Crossrail and Extended tile applications. This will not be totally transparent in eTools until January. Consider it a work in progress. Most changes have been made, there may be a few stragglers on descriptions.

– Electrical planning pages for jumpers have been reduced to one page from 8

– Worksurface bracket pages have more visuals for application in planning

– Product has been reorganized based on your feedback to ease specification

What can you expect to be the same? Model numbers and pricing. This simple summary does not convey the visual images and additional planning pages that were added. Check out the new price list for yourself. And if you have time for feedback on these revisions, send me an email. It would be great to get your continued feedback.

– Alibia de Vente