Xsede Undersurface Support Rail and the Illusive Adagiato Product Series

Xsede Undersurface Support Rail

As you may be aware in the last post, the Xsede price list has been revised. On pages 227 you will find a summary of the changes that may assist you in becoming more acclimated to the new format. One item that is noteworthy, is the new 72″ undersurface support rails.

Xsede 12-14 Price List

On page 161 of the new price list, you will notice the addition of the 72″ undersurface support rail. This rail will allow you to span greater than 48″ without a support under the worksurface. You will find planning support images on page 75, 77-80.

Xsede Undersurface Support Rail

It is noted directly under the price price list image (page 161)  to specify the Xsede keyboard kit (page 162) if using with a keyboard. This rail can be used with other Kimball Office products however be aware it cannot be used in lieu of a Priority progressive support rail. You could specify this rail with classic Priority.


If you were seeking to specify an Adagiato chair this month in KITS, CAP or other specification tool, know that a data error has occurred and that the content will be back in the December update. In the meantime, please reach out and an AutoCAD symbol can be provided until the update occurs.


Do you have a Kimball Office specification question or concern? Let’s chat and your issue could become a blog post for everyone to share in learning. We at Kimball Office look forward to your feedback.

– Alibia de Vente

Updated Xsede Price list 12-1-14

As promised in the November 2014 communication web conferences last month, the new Xsede price list has been posted on kimballoffice.com. When reviewing the new price list, you will notice a separation between Accessory Rail and Crossrail Applications. In short, table and tile. Let that be the last reference on this short-lived comparison. You will notice in the November 2014 eTool (CAP) update that the catalog content has been revised to reflect the new price list format.  The CAP elevation automation change is still anticipated to follow in two weeks.

Xsede Acessory Crossrail

Specification training in New York and Chicago will reflect the changes to the price list. A revised recording for the Xsede Specification Training web conference will be posted soon. A recorded CAP eTool web conference on automation will also follow. What are the details you expect changes on?

– Name changes on Crossrail and Extended tile applications. This will not be totally transparent in eTools until January. Consider it a work in progress. Most changes have been made, there may be a few stragglers on descriptions.

– Electrical planning pages for jumpers have been reduced to one page from 8

– Worksurface bracket pages have more visuals for application in planning

– Product has been reorganized based on your feedback to ease specification

What can you expect to be the same? Model numbers and pricing. This simple summary does not convey the visual images and additional planning pages that were added. Check out the new price list for yourself. And if you have time for feedback on these revisions, send me an email. It would be great to get your continued feedback.

– Alibia de Vente