CET Designer with Kimball Office Launch

Kimball Office is very excited to announce the launch of the Kimball Office Extension on CET Designer. In making the transition to this new and exciting specification tool there are probably a few questions that need to be answered. We are hosting a series of web conferences to provide an overview of the project as well as plenty of time for general Q&A. Topics during the call will include program development, demo, investment, training and support. Dates are posted for our dealer partners as well as future dates for a monthly program review. We encourage you to register as slots may fill up quickly.


Kimball Office Extension on CET Designer

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Kimball Office CET Extension Update

We are extremely excited in anticipation of the Kimball Office CET Designer Extension. While we are moving at a progressive pace, the catalog will not be ready as originally anticipated for a 9/12 launch date. We are doing our utmost to ensure the launch plan has been carefully planned, reviewed and tested so that the extension (catalog) is accurate at launch. We will be sending formal communication once the Kimball Office Extension is available.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions in  working with this platform. Additional questions or comments can be sent to koetoolsupport@kimball.com or posted within the blog.

What does CET stand for? Configura Extension Technology

How will Kimball Office catalogs updates occur? Updates will occur once a month similar to other specification programs. CET Designer will prompt the user upon opening the application that an update is available. Simply select to update in the background while working in an existing proejct. There will be more frequent updates between monthly updates based on product introductions, corrections and enhancements.

Will the Kimball Extension have all the Kimball catalogs, KSP (Service Parts), KLD (Discontinued) or will I need to purchase something else? All catalogs will be supported in the Kimball Office and Project Matrix extension however automation will develop gradually. Xsite will be the first product series automated. The development of our second product series, Footprint has already begun.

Does CET support SIF content? Yes.

What other manufacturers are on CET? All manufacturers extensions can be found within the CET Marketplace. 150+ manufactures can be specified with the Project Matrix extension.

Will Kimball Office still be available within other specification tools? Yes. There is no plan to discontinue data from other sales/ specification programs.

Are there any known compatibility issues with a DBOS program? Example: Team Design, e-manage, Hedberg. No. The same SIF data that is used to build Kimball Office catalog data is transferred into the DBOS and the Kimball Office order entry system.

What are the benefits of using CET? CET mimics a contemporary drawing environment in that it uses parametric data. Kimball Office adopted the CET drawing platform for the following reasons.

  1. Catalog publication can occur as needed. We can reduce a 45 day publication date to on demand based on when updates are required.
  2. Single tool with multiple extensions for support. The CET application provides one solution for drawing, specification, bill of materials and rendering for a singular cost. Discounts on the software application are provide based on the number of licenses purchased.
  3. Drawing platform works with AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp.
  4. Rendering is included as part of the software application, not an additional cost. Quality of rendering includes high-quality, videos, 3D PDF and virtual reality.
  5. Ability to create a visual of custom product.
  6. Competitors moving to software application.
  7. Drawing efficiency is increased based on automation within the Kimball Office extension. Designer/ Specifier work from a visual menu.
  8. Training is self-paced with modules that are on demand via the web and face-to-face.
  9. Customer support is responsive based on options for web chat, phone or email.
  10. CET is actively looking for enhancements. Technology demands within parallel industries are driving change and CET is adopting measures to remain competitive and relevant. Software updates occur twice a year. The CET User Conference offers opportunity to network and learn more about the program, while receiving CEU credits.

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