Flip seating incorrect package quantities

In the current KL1 Seating catalog, a number of Flip models have incorrect package quantities, so that each symbol is counted as quantity 1 rather than 0.5 or 0.25.  The descriptions for these models correctly state QTY2 or QTY4, but the quantity adjustment which should be applied to a Worksheet BOM fails.  Double-check your line item quantities when using Flip chairs in a design, and manually correct quantities where needed.

The correction will be published in May catalogs.

Affected models:

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Pairings EOR divider wall incorrect tagging

pairings-eor-divider-wall-incorrect-taggingFor Pairings End-Of-Run divider walls, A/B attachment point tagging is incorrectly reversed between left and right hand models.  Both the tag position and the tag A/B text are reversed, and both Straight EOR and 90 Degree EOR types are affected.  Only EOR divider wall symbols are affected; In-Line, L, and T divider wall symbols are correct.

Affected models:

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Xsede HA 120 incorrect base depiction

45f2348tbccsef-incorrect-baseIn KLP Xsede, height adjustable bases for 45F2348TBCCSEF 120 degree tables are incorrectly depicted.  The correction will go to vendors at the end of the month and will be published in the April CAP KLP.  The AutoCAD symbol on the KO website is correct.

[Edit: Here’s a DWG which contains corrected 2D and 3D CAP symbols for the four affected models.]

2020 Software 12.30 (aka version 2016.3) quarterly update published

The 2020 Software Winter 2017 quarterly update patch, version 12.30, is now available for download from 2020.net.  If you aren’t registered on 2020.net, you can download the patch file from my cloud storage here.  KO internal users can also find the file in network folder T:\2020 Software\2020 Software 12_30 Update.

This update corrects the Xsede rendering issue from 12.20, where components were misaligned in the rendered view.  I’ve only done a quick test of Xsede and Xsite in 12.30, but I didn’t run across anything broken, so I’d say it’s probably safe to install.  You don’t need to install the 12.20 or 12.10 updates beforehand; if you’re running software from last May (12.00) or later, this patch will install properly.

Some other notable changes, according to the update notes sheet:

  • You can no longer Consolidate different model numbers in Worksheet.
  • When saving an SP4 to a network location, Worksheet only complains if the network connection is not currently active, not if connectivity has been restored after being lost during the session.
  • CAP Standards no longer cause file size bloat.
  • The previous Hotfix which allows VI to work with in a recently updated Windows 10 environment is also included in this update, so if you haven’t done the hotfix, you can skip it and just install 12.30.
  • Repeatedly applying VI finish selections back to the drawing no longer causes AutoCAD to crash.
  • Several modifications to Reports.

2020 Visual Impression crash hotfix published

0117-vi-crash-errorIf you’re encountering a crash when you attempt to open Visual Impression, you can download hotfix patch file 2016.2-Hotfix.exe to correct the issue.  This corrects a problem resulting from a recent Windows update, per my discussion with 2020 Support.

The normal way to get the file is through the Check For Software Updates command, under the Help menu in Worksheet or under the CAP Designer menu in your drawing.  However, that only works if you’re running the November 2016 quarterly update (version 12.20), which isn’t recommended for KO users.  So you can also get the file from my cloud storage here, and internal users can also find it in folder T:\2020 Software\VI Patch.

Copy the file to your desktop, then double-click on it to install.  You can delete it from your desktop afterward.  (If you’re using Check For Software Updates to download the file directly from 2020, you can just select the Install button.)

In my test, the hotfix seemed to work properly with version 12.10, the August 2016 quarterly update.  As noted in this previous blog post, I’m recommending that users who might work with Xsede should stick with 12.10 until the 12.30 quarterly update is published in early February, since Xsede rail and leg alignment is depicted incorrectly in 12.20 rendered views.

Corrected Post-December 2020 catalogs published

Post-December 2020 catalogs for CAP, Worksheet, and Giza are available for download on 2020.net.  For internal users, they’re also posted in network folder T:\2020 Catalogs.  I’ve also posted the file to my cloud storage here, though the download speed is likely to be somewhat slower than the 2020.net download.

The Post-December catalog release corrects an issue with the original December catalog build, which was inadvertently published using November catalog data.  The problem mainly affects the catalog disk set, since the corrected Post-December catalog download was posted on 2020.net as soon as the error was discovered.

Notable update: Xsede Height Adjustable items added to KLP.  This should include symbols and pricing for almost all items, I think.  There’s a small group of side screens which didn’t make the deadline and will be added in January.

As always, on some machines it’s necessary to uninstall old catalogs before installing new ones.  If you install the Post-December Update but still have an October build date (i.e. November published catalogs) showing in the Catalog Date column of Worksheet, then your 2020 catalog installer is failing to overwrite old catalog files.  Uninstalling old catalogs first corrects this problem.

12/15 Kimball Office CET Designer Update

This week I will take on the questions from our 1PM web conference but first, we are way past 100 requests for our extension but who was 100? Big reveal is Joan Mentzel at Business Environments in Evansville, IN. A BIG shout out to our Select dealer for taking this next important step.

The next series of questions are posted from our first CET Designer topic session on converting legacy content with ProjectSymbols by ProjectMatrix on 12/ 7 at 1PM. Do you have a question that needs an answer? Simply post here or send to koetools@kimball.com

  • The imported CAD drawing symbol must be in 3D to view in CET 3D view? No. When you convert the drawing, the 3D will be generated. You may choose not to convert the drawing but simply import for a visual reference.
  • Would you agree that you should only really import .dwg? You have the ability to not only import DWG but you can also import Revit. With the ProjectSymbols extension, you can convert legacy DWG drawings. It is up to the individual user to redraw or accept converted content. I will address advantages/ disadvantages next week.
  • Can we just delete the panels in the existing clusters and leave components alone? You can. The only reason you may want  to replace is in support of the drawing down the road, content intelligence or to apply finishes.
  • To confirm…the conversion doesn’t convert to the automated symbols, only ProjectSymbols stuff? Correct.
  • Is the price reflecting the imported drawing as well as what you just drew? Yes. The CET Designer user will always want to review the specification for accuracy. Computers are built by humans. Humans make an occasional Oops!
  • Can you change the automatically placed support to match the old drawing? Yes. It will be highlighted another color, red I believe.
  • You keep stating that projectSymbols doesn’t apply finishes.  Am I hearing this correctly? Yes. The Tuesday 12/13 meeting was rescheduled for 12/16.  I will follow up next week with this
  • Will the additional support leg options be added?  It seems there are a bunch missing. Currently only Xsite legs are programmed to support the product series. It is intended to program all supports. If the support you are needing in not available, it can be selected from Catalog Browser.
  • No hope for Xsite gen 1? Does anyone have a past Xsite gen 1 catalog? We not not have at Kimball Office. If you have the catalog, we can publish it, potentially. I will send a prize and provide a shout out to you. Maybe give us a selfie? Our ability to support will depend on the structure of the data. Automation will not be available to support. I have a full floor reconfig that mixes both. You will definitely want to minimize blending the two products. Keep them separated as much as possible. Know that tiles, topcaps and Traxx can be used on both.
  • How do you build a station of Cetra panels – there do not seem to be snap nodes for placing individual parts? Snap nodes do exist. Remember to work in group mode. We do not offer automation at this point. Automation is the automatic placement of product parts like brackets, connectors, etc. Have you attended Getting Started with CET Deisnger, there may be 
  • What is Xsite Gen1? I miss Xsite gen 1. This product was introduced in 2003. Around 2007 we made some product changes based feedback from dealers and customers. Generation 1 product included spanners, C’s and I’s. If you run across this product for reconfiguration, let your PAS know and we will do our best to assist in planning. Did I mention that I love that product?
  • Does ProjectSymbols have the old stuff? If you are looking for gen 1 Xsite, no. 


There are two version of ProjectSymbols for CET. If you currently have a copy of any Project Matrix software you are an existing subscriber.



  1. The December 2016 Catalog publication is currently delayed. When the delay is lifted, an update will be posted in our Briefcase.
  2. CET Designer training has been added to the calendar. Select from face-to-face or virtual training. Kimball Office showroom dates are still pending.
  3. Our extension has an update (2.15.1). CET will prompt you for the update. It will only take a few minutes. You will see a few new enhancements that include :
    1. Footprint additions including storage & worksurfaces
    2. Xsite corrections and updates
    3. Seating updates