Pairings inline tables incorrect in KL1

In the current KL1 Seating catalog, Pairings inline Wedge and Bullet tables have incorrect graphics and descriptions, and are incorrectly classified in the table of contents menu.

The symbols for Wedge and Bullet tables are reversed, so that Wedge models K8245xx have Bullet symbols and Bullet models K8215xx have Wedge symbols.  The symbol placement menu is also incorrect; Wedge models are classified as Crescent, and Bullet models are classified as Wedge.

Descriptions for these models are also incorrect.

If you’re using these, it’s probably best to place the shape you need and then change the model number in Worksheet.

I think these should be corrected in July catalogs, though I don’t have confirmation.

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March 2020 catalogs published

KO catalogs for March are available on  CAP and Worksheet catalogs are also downloadable from my cloud storage.  Internal users should download from the links above; network folder T:\2020 Catalogs will no longer be used.  (I’ll also be adding download links for the most recent software disk file and quarterly update patch to the blog homepage soon, eliminating folder T:\2020 Software.)

From a quick comparison of the catalog data files to last month’s, I’m not seeing any significant new product introductions this month.  I don’t think there are any newly published bugfixes, though I did see new weight and volume information on some items in several catalogs.

Flip seating incorrect package quantities

In the current KL1 Seating catalog, a number of Flip models have incorrect package quantities, so that each symbol is counted as quantity 1 rather than 0.5 or 0.25.  The descriptions for these models correctly state QTY2 or QTY4, but the quantity adjustment which should be applied to a Worksheet BOM fails.  Double-check your line item quantities when using Flip chairs in a design, and manually correct quantities where needed.

The correction will be published in May catalogs.

Affected models:

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Pairings EOR divider wall incorrect tagging

pairings-eor-divider-wall-incorrect-taggingFor Pairings End-Of-Run divider walls, A/B attachment point tagging is incorrectly reversed between left and right hand models.  Both the tag position and the tag A/B text are reversed, and both Straight EOR and 90 Degree EOR types are affected.  Only EOR divider wall symbols are affected; In-Line, L, and T divider wall symbols are correct.

Affected models:

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Xsede HA 120 incorrect base depiction

45f2348tbccsef-incorrect-baseIn KLP Xsede, height adjustable bases for 45F2348TBCCSEF 120 degree tables are incorrectly depicted.  The correction will go to vendors at the end of the month and will be published in the April CAP KLP.  The AutoCAD symbol on the KO website is correct.

[Edit: Here’s a DWG which contains corrected 2D and 3D CAP symbols for the four affected models.]

2020 Software 12.30 (aka version 2016.3) quarterly update published

The 2020 Software Winter 2017 quarterly update patch, version 12.30, is now available for download from  If you aren’t registered on, you can download the patch file from my cloud storage here.  KO internal users can also find the file in network folder T:\2020 Software\2020 Software 12_30 Update.

This update corrects the Xsede rendering issue from 12.20, where components were misaligned in the rendered view.  I’ve only done a quick test of Xsede and Xsite in 12.30, but I didn’t run across anything broken, so I’d say it’s probably safe to install.  You don’t need to install the 12.20 or 12.10 updates beforehand; if you’re running software from last May (12.00) or later, this patch will install properly.

Some other notable changes, according to the update notes sheet:

  • You can no longer Consolidate different model numbers in Worksheet.
  • When saving an SP4 to a network location, Worksheet only complains if the network connection is not currently active, not if connectivity has been restored after being lost during the session.
  • CAP Standards no longer cause file size bloat.
  • The previous Hotfix which allows VI to work with in a recently updated Windows 10 environment is also included in this update, so if you haven’t done the hotfix, you can skip it and just install 12.30.
  • Repeatedly applying VI finish selections back to the drawing no longer causes AutoCAD to crash.
  • Several modifications to Reports.